How to beat every mob

You’ll encounter loads of different enemies in a game Minecraft, so knowing how to beat them all is essential. To help you out, we’ve explained the best way to kill every type of mob!




Use a bow and arrow to hit blazes while they’re in the air, and carry a shield so you can block their fireballs, which they shoot in groups of three. Blazes are one of the only mobs that can be hurt by snowballs, but it takes seven direct hits to kill one so don’t rely on them too much!


minecraft_mob_cavespiderCAVE SPIDE

They’re weaker than regular spiders, but can poison you with a bite. Fire charges should let you keep your distance, and if you miss they’ll hopefully incinerate some of the cobwebs that stop you getting to the monster spawner they emerge from. If you don’t have fire charges, use a sword and hack your way through!


minecraft_mob_chickenjockeyCHICKEN JOCKEY

The easiest way to kill a chicken jockey is to jump off a ledge, wait untill it follows you and is in mid-air, then attack the zombie on its back as it falls. They’re normally very fast, but slow down when falling as the chicken flaps its wings. Only use a sword!




It’s best to keep your distance from creepers by attacking with a ranged weapon, but if you have to get up close and personal, run forward, hit the creeper with your sword so that it’s knocked backwards, then run away from it. It will either take damage and not blow up, or you’ll be far enough away from the explosion that it doesn’t damage you.



They’re quite weak and only appear one at a time, so couple of strikes with a sword should be enough to kill an endermite. Don’t waste portions or other consumable items on them. They don’t drop anything good so you’re only wasting precious resources! If you run away, they’ll disappear on their own after a couple of minutes, or get killed by an enderman.



With the longest range of any normal mob (over 100 blocks), ghasts can be hard to fight. You can hit their fireballs back at them, which causes a very powerfull explosion, or get up close and use ranged weapons. The secret is to hide behind blocks when you’re not attacking. They can’t see through walls, so you should be safe!




The best way to fight endermen is to wear a pumpkin so that you can get close without them teleporting away, then attack them before they realise what’s coming. If you need to keep them away from you, stand in water.



minecraft_mob_enderdragonBOSS: THE ENDER DRAGON

To kill the ender dragon, first use a bow and arrow to destroy the ender crystals. After that, hang around near the portal. The dragon will swoop down periodically, so dodge its attacks, heal yourself regularly with portions or golden apples, and just keep chipping away at its health!


minecraft_mob_elderguardianGUARDIAN & ELDER GUARDIAN

Fighting guardians is difficult. If you can wall them up and use a sponge to dry out the room that makes them easier to kill, otherwise get close to one of their sides and hack away. Bring enchanted armour and instant health potions!



minecraft_mob_magmacubeMAGMA CUBE

Magma cubes cause damage no matter where they touch you. Using a bow is safest way to fight larger cubes, while smaller ones can be attacked with a sword. Never stay too close, as magma cubes have double the attack rate of most mobs!




When fighting skeletons, use a shield to block their arrows then attack between shots with a sword or bow. If you don’t have a shield, circle the skeleton while attacking and it should be unable to get an arrow on target! A tame wolf will scare skeletons away, allowing you to pick them off while they run.



Hurting one silverfish will cause others to emerge and attack you, unless you kil the silverfish in one hit. For this reason, the best way to fight them is with an enchanted/diamond sword as this will help avoid a swarm. Alternatively, get up high with your back to a wall and fight them off as they climb up.


minecraft_mob_skeletonhorsemanSKELETON HORSEMAN

They spawn wearing helmets and carrying enchanted bows, so skeletons horsemen are difficult to fight. Use projectiles and/or a bow and arrow to hit them, and if you attack and kill the rider you’ll be able to take the horse for yourself.




If you have to fight a slime, don’t fight too many at once. A large slime can split into 16 smaller ones, which will quickly get overwhelming. Always kill the smallest first – use a single punch to save weapon durability. If you’re fighting in a swamp, lure the slime into water to slow it down.



minecraft_mob_spiderjockeySPIDER JOCKEY

When fighting a spider jockey, attack the skeleton first. Spider jockeys are dangerous becauseboth the spider and skeleton can attack you. Focus your attacks on one before the other.




Wait for shulkers to open before attacking them, otherwise they have a lot of armour to fight through. They’re also immune to arrows when closed. Attack on shulker and the others afterwards.




To kill spiders wait until they chase you, then walk backwards swinging your sword. That way, when they jump at you, they’ll be hurt and knocked back, then be far enough away to try jumping again. Don’t use bow an arrows if they’re close.




Witches use potions to heal themselves and weaken you, so keep a bucket of milk around to cure yourself. Use weapons that continue to inflict damage like fire, poison arrows/potions and lava to try and counteract their healing. And once you start, don’t stop fighting for a second, otherwise they’re sure to get back to full strength quickly!



minecraft_mob_witherBOSS: THE WITHER

Get strong, enchanted armour and diamond sword before you fight the wither. Avoid its skulls, which inflict the deadly wither effect, and try to hit it with arrows until it generates its wither armour. At this point, wait until it charges you then hit it with your sword. You’ll need lots of healing potions for this fight, so don’t even start until you have as many as you can carry!


minecraft_mob_witherskeletonWITHER SKELETON

The wither effect wither skeletons inflict can be vare dangerous, and can even kill you. Don’t let a wither skeleton near you if you can help it. Use a bow and arrow to attack them and splash potions of healing. Wither skeletons have swords not bows, so if you keep your distance you should be sage from them.




A pack of wolves will only attack if you provoke them, so the easiest thing is not hurt to them at all. If you do, the best protection is to get up high, usually in a tree, so you can pick the pack off from a safe place.



minecraft_mob_zombiepigmanZOMBIE PIGMAN

As they carry swords, zombie pigmen can do a lot of damage. They attack in groups, so climb on a two-block pillar then strike downwards. The pigmen are unable to climb the pillar, so you can pick them off from above.



minecraft_mob_zombieZOMBIE & ZOMBIE VILLAGER

Zombies are the easiest mobs to kill because they don’t cause a lot of damage when they attack and they move slowly. You can use any weapon to fight them, but we suggest sticking to a basic sword and saving stronger weapons for stronger mobs. If you’re attacked by several zombies at once, a splash potion of healing can harm lots in one go. Fire and lava will also dispatch them, as they won’t run away quickly enough to escape it.