Beginner’s Guide, part 1

This is the guide for all of those who are just beginners/completely novice in playing in Minecraft. In this guide you will be able to know how to escape death in Minecraft by giving you two different medium of instructions. One is an outlined format so that you can glance back and forth using this guide and playing the game at the same time. And the second one is the step-by-step instruction. Whatever you choose, you can be well-equipped in playing the game.

But first, familiarize with the controls, and the control schemes are largely different from each platform. So learn this first so that you can blitz through the game without much problem.

It is advised for you to be acquainted with Controls first to learn on the movements. This particular guide is more leaning towards the PC/Console versions instead of the Minecraft: Pocket Edition in the mobile platform. If you have learned it now, then it is time start!


There is no “proper” style and perfect way to play Minecraft as it is a sandbox game. Nonetheless, there is a common goal in this guide and it is to consume food while surviving the wilds, either by evading or fighting mobs that spawn randomly in dark areas or at night.


Wood will be your best buddy right in the first day. Use wood in creating a crafting table and a wooden pickaxe. You can then proceed in collecting 29 cobblestones by digging the ground. With this, you will have a full set of stone tools and a furnace to create. For beginners, it is more than essential to find a village and live in the village or near it. If there is no village one near you, then make a house composed by either dirt or just a wooden shack just before the night arrives. When you have all the above, it is now time to make torches by having some wood into charcoal. The first tool you should have is an axe so it will not be harder to collect wood.

At Night

features_image_torchesMonsters are the primary foe in Minecraft and nighttime will be their favorite time of the day. During the early game, it is recommended not to fight them unless if you are equipped with an armor and a sword. Stay in your house which has light to stay away from them. Torches, glowstone or jack-o-lantern provide light in your shelter. You will know how to make all of these item later in the guide.

Cheat Sheet: The easiest and unchallenged way to get rid of those monsters is by pressing Esc and then Options. Then you will see “Normal” at the top right hand corner. Press it until it says “peaceful”.

Escaping Death

Usual suggestion in building your house is by erecting the house near the spawn point. In case when you die you will find your tools easily and you do not have run across the map to reacquire them. In survival mode in Minecraft, when you get killed, all of the items inside the inventory will be spread around the location, and you will be respawned within 10 blocks of area where you died, and twenty blocks all in all from the spawn point.

The items you drop when dying in Minecraft will eventually vanish after five minutes. So it is very important to build near the spawn point or specifically within 200 blocks at any point in spawn the spawn area. Dying at night is a the most difficult to recover from because you will have no weapons and armor and you will respawn in an area that might be crawling with. If you managed to see your weapons and tools without any monsters guarding them then consider yourself very lucky. There is a greater chance that it will be guarded by the monsters, and therefore, you must watch out for some monsters are able to pick up your weapons and be used against you.

Try sleeping in the bed in your shelter because when you do that and you get killed at night you will respawn in the bed so you can just go back to your bed again and wake up at sunrise. The weapons and tools will not disappear when you wake up.

Hunger and Sustenance

Secret-Carrot-FarmIt will take a while before your character feels hunger so it is not really a priority in the first day to find some food. Tools and shelter will come first before food in Minecraft. Still, if there is an opportunity that should net you food easily, just take it. You don’t lose health in Peaceful mode so this is not a priority if you are playing in this Mode. Starving to death is only possible in Hard mode and as beginner in Minecraft you shouldn’t play in this mode yet. Get the feel of the game first and learn the mechanics before plunging in to the more difficult modes of the game.

Food bar will represent the level of hunger you have. It will start to decrease in time. If it decreases below 90% then you will not regenerate health. Aside from this, you will not be able to sprint if it decreases further down 30%.  If it reaches down to zero, then you will begin losing health. As it already mentioned you will not die in hunger unless in Hard mode. You will only go down to 1 health point in Normal mode, or half your health in Easy mode. You are quite vulnerable in this state so better keep up your food bar.

Anything you do in Minecraft will somewhat make you much however there is nothing more than causes much hunger than the following listed below in order from the most to the least.

  • Healing damage. It costs a lot so avoid falls of more than 3 blocks, drowning or taking damage.
  • Fighting. Attacking and receiving damage cost the food bar to decrease. One health point is decreased either receiving or giving 10 blows. Killing animals for food is essential but be careful out there.
  • Sprinting. It uses a lot of food, as around one point is decreased when moving for 30 meters. Double-tap the forward movement or hold your sprint key to sprint.
  • Jumping. It may some necessary in some cases but be wary of using it unnecessarily. Although sprinting jumps is the fastest mode of moving early in the game it is also the costliest in decreasing your food bar. It will cost as much as 4 times than regular jumping.

If your character is in your shelter and is not moving, mining or any other activities then the food bar will not decrease. With this, it is better to stay in your shelter while waiting for the night or storm or food growth.

The Thorough Guide

Into the game

Where you are at the start of the game is called the spawn point. The 20 blocks radius of it is instrumental to you because whenever you will get killed you will respawn in that radius. So make a mark of your spawn point by digging out a dirt or sand and then build a pillar in the middle of it. The easiest part of getting to know your spawn point is by knowing the coordinates of it by using the Debug screen.

Hard and simple starts

  • If you are in a desert biome, it is important to head for high ground and look for anything that have green grass or trees but don’t forget to mark your spawn point first. Go to the grass or trees area to gather for wood. If there is nothing but sand, then hope for the best and go anywhere you want but still look for high ground.
  • If you are in an ocean biome, completely surrounded by sea and lonely in an island this maybe is the hardest way to start so it is discouraged for you dummies. If there are no trees so hope for the best and swim to the other island if there is one.
  • There is also good just by looking around because it will increase your render distance up to 16 chunks.
  • A mushroom island is definitely where you want to be dummy. It is an odd purple island so it is easy to spot on. Most of the time it is an island, it is very rare to be connected to the mainland so consider yourself lucky if you will found such. This biome will not spawn any monsters but monsters from other biomes will come but will not get near you if you stand in the middle. Mushroom islands let you stay outdoors in the night without getting hurt. With the use of a bowl, you can get food from the Mooshrooms in there. The only drawback with this mushroom biome is the unavailability of wood.
  • If you see houses and farms, then it is an NPC Village. You can make your shelter here and make a bed. The farms will give food so you better be not hungry anymore. There are also villagers with whom you can trade, if there is a blacksmith then you are certainly luck as its house contains a chest with loots. Wood can also be gathered in it by replacing logs with planks. Technically, the village is not where you want to be early in the game because monsters may spawn in it and may kill the villagers. Try avoiding this by creating a bed and sleep through it consistently until such time that town defense is created. Creating a bed is made by as follows.
    • Ideally a sheep is what you need in making a bed but if there is none then head for the lamp posts in the village then break with your hands the black block on top which is wool.
    • If there is not enough wool, then the best you can make is either get away from the village as far as 150 blocks before sunset or try to spend the first night in a pillar around 40 to 64 blocks high. Then in the second day, try to scavenge more wool to make bed.
  • A jungle biome is where you will find many huge gigantic trees and leaf blocks on the ground. This is essentially the easiest way to start because of the trees but this will also cause you to be lost. The confined quarters also in the jungle make something difficult to make. Ocelots and cocoa beans are exclusively only to jungle biomes.
  • A roofed forest biome is where thick short trees and dark grasses are seen. Although this biome is resource-heavy it is practically dangerous as the thick canopy may make monsters spawn even during the day.  Spawning giant mushrooms are occasionally seen in this biome which is very essential in making through the night.
  • What mentioned above are only part of many biomes that can be found in Minecraft. To have a more in depth knowledge of them then try to see Biomes page.

Harvesting logs

Trees, stones (Coal ore in particular), animals and tall grass, that is what you need to look for in order when starting in Minecraft.

As what have said above, you need to find a small tree, smash into the leaves and punch (don’t press fast the block, just hold left-click) the wood until each block will drop into as an item. Huge trees are not advisable in this point and also try to remind yourself that you can pick later any wood you may not be able to cut off. 4 logs are what approximately composed of the first tree you take down.

The primary thing that is essential to your survival is the wood. The wood is essential also in making weapons in order to mine iron ore. Wood is also used in making your shelter and the parts of it. Wood can also make into sticks to use with coal and charcoal to craft torches.

Initial Crafting

crafting_tableCrafting is very vital to Minecraft that’s why it is incorporated in its name. A crafting table is your best friend in this game because almost all the items requires a crafting table to craft, although some are crafted from the inventory itself.

In making the crafting table, you need first to open the inventory and get the logs you got earlier in the game. Place one log to get 4 wooden planks in the crafting area. Do not worry if you have different colors of your planks although it doesn’t stack together, they work the same. The planks are in different color because they did not come from one type of wood. You can always try mixing and matching different planks with exception of slabs and stairs. Planks that will be made into sticks will stack together by the way.

Around 3 to 4 logs are enough early in the game. Do not make all the logs into planks as you may need it later in making charcoal. Get your 4 planks and put them in the crafting table like this:


Go back to the world view and place it anywhere where you feel it. Your new crafting table will enable you to craft other complex items. Remember that anything that you can create directly in the inventory, you also be able to do it in the crafting table.


Your initial tool should be the pickaxe. Pickaxe is needed to obtain stone and coal which is the next valuable resources. Your pickaxe would not be durable and fast this time because it is made of wood, but until you collect cobblestone it will be much durable.

In making a pickaxe you will need sticks.


Use your available planks and your newly crafted sticks to create the pickaxe, just like what is shown below.


You may now gather resources easily. You can also craft more wooden tools or you now can gather stone and craft more advanced items.

Stone Tools

A pickaxe is just what you need to gather cobblestone and make stone tools. This ushers you to the your own Stone Age. You can easily gather stone in Minecraft because it is practically everywhere, however in the event that you don’t see one you may dig down the ground in staircase fashion. You may need 17 cobblestone to make a stone shovel, axe, sword and furnace.

In order to slay spawners you may need a sword. Create one as shown below.


A pickaxe that is made of stone is more durable than wooden one. Also it is needed in mining.


Shovels are essential to get dirt, grass, sand, clay and gravel as well collection of snowballs, much more efficient than by hand.


Gathering of wood will be much easier if you use a stone pickaxe.


Other resources

With your new stone axe, it will be easier gathering wood. Remember that even if there are different kinds of trees out there they all function the same, although they will not stack together. Saplings fall when you cut trees so be sure to gather it. Different kind of trees produces different kind of food such as oak trees that will drop apples. Daylight is the time of day you should look around but you should be wary of where you are so as not to get lost. Try to find some coal as it has the same properties of charcoal and can be used to make coal blocks.

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