Beginner’s Guide, part 2

Daytime should be the time of the day that you must scouring the map with the things you need. You should be wary, though, of your location as that you will not get lost. It is easy to get track of your location by taking note of your coordinates and the coordinates of areas of interest. During this time, you ought to find some coal as they share the charcoal.

Try to find some coal as it has the same properties of charcoal and can be used to make coal blocks. Ore this essential to Minecraft in the later phase but not this early is iron. It is something like coal but with tan specks instead of black. Gather it only early in the game if it is near you by using your stone pickaxe, if it is not, then just take down the coordinates.


Chickens, pigs, cows, sheep and rabbits are some of the animals you may encounter in your first day and they are your primary food source. However, be wary that before you slaughter them make sure that that you do no kill them all. Save two, with this, they can reproduce more of them for you to eat.

All those animals drop raw food when you slaughter them. They are your best food sources but should be cooked. If there is a need to eat right away, avoid raw chicken as it can give you food poisoning. Other raw foods can be eaten safely but they will not increase your food bar as high as cooked food does. Always keep your food bar high by avoiding unnecessary jumping, running, and sprinting more importantly when there are no nearby animals. A wheat farm is only available on day two.

Heat and Light

A furnace is needed to cook meat whenever you hungry. They can also make torches to see at night. See the image below to craft a furnace.


Your furnace should be placed next to your crafting table for easy reach. You will need a pickaxe to try to relocate and place it somewhere if you want to. Coal is the primary heat source so if you have not found one then you will have to find an alternate one. Your wooden pick axe (now obsolete because of stone pickaxe) can be burned to smelt one item. With this you can craft a piece of charcoal which can turn into eight more items.

The furnace works by putting an item at the top slot which is the item to be smelted and the bottom slot as the fuel. Charcoal is made by smelting wooden log at the top slot and putting wooden pick at the bottom. You can then put charcoal in the bottom slot as fuel to craft other items. If you still don’t have a supply of coal, then you should craft more charcoal.





Shelter and bed


Make sure to make a bed if you have enough supplies because then, night will be easy. If you haven’t got the supplies needed to make a bed or build a shelter, then you will have to spend the night in an emergency shelter. Some of these emergency shelters will enable you to cook food but some may need torches before going in.

Opening on the wall

Like just what mentioned in the last pages or so, you must have dig deep into the ground mining some cobblestone. That hole may be handy as an emergency shelter. Dig deeper into the hole a then you may dig a 5×5 room as the standard. Move to your emergency shelter the crafting table and furnace while not forgetting the torches. You can also make a wooden door.


The door will protect you from mobs. Place it by going outside the shelter and place it by looking inside. If you don’t have enough wood to create a door then you may cover the entrance with dirt or cobblestone constantly checking if the sun arises by breaking it.

Make a Pillar

Making a pillar is simple. You must only look at the block under you then jump while putting one block on it. Do it repeatedly and you may feel amused how tall it is now. Mobs will not detect you if you made your pillar tall enough. Do not use sand or gravel blocks in making a pillar. Use dirt, wood planks or even cobblestone.

How tall must be a pillar to be considered safe? Around 10 to 12 blocks are usually enough but 16 is the better number because of the skeleton range but if you have more spare then get up to 30 although they can still detect you they can’t hurt you. When you are at the top of the pillar you can actually create a ledge by using 1 or two blocks. This is done by crouching or by holding your Shift key and then putting the block as a ledge. The ledge then will hold your furnace and crafting table. Collect them before you come down.

In pillars, what you should be aware of is the spiders or spider jockey although the latter is rare and very unlikely. To get rid of them, break one of the blocks below your top block or you may even put a lip around the block you are standing. Remember to hold the shift key when leaning over the edge so as not to fall down. You will also fall if you are being attacked even if you still hold the shift key. If a spider unfortunately got close to the top of the pillar which is unlikely just keep in your hand your stone sword and whack them before coming into the top. Whacking them and falling will render them a great damage.

If you happen to survive the night, just dig out the blocks of the pillar until you are on the surface. Don’t jump freely from the top of the pillar because you will certainly get damage or instantly killed if it is 22 blocks or higher. Spiders are pretty resistant as they can meet you halfway when you are digging out the blocks and may knock you out of the tower. If there is a creeper at the base, then you may get high up your pillar if you still have more block around 30 to 40. This will make them disappear faster because they are much farther from you.

Sand or gravel blocks are not ideal for pillar making because it is affected by gravity. You cannot place sand or gravel ledge as it will fall to the ground. Although you can have a dirt block as ledge to the sand pillar and the pillar will fall but not the ledge. If you are really resource depleted and do not have any blocks other than sand and gravel, then you can make a pillar with it but make sure it is extra tall or more than 20 blocks.

When in a desert biome and there is nothing but sand and cacti all around. Then you should gather a lot of sand to craft sandstone. A stack of 64 sand is what you need to have enough sandstone for a pillar. 4 sand blocks are what it is needed to make a block of sandstone so 64 sand blocks will give you 16 sandstones it is high enough for a pillar. Remember that do not use cacti blocks in making pillars because you will incur damage in time. Making sandstone can be done without the crafting table.

Top of the Tree

Another way to survive the night if you have not built a shelter is by staying up in the tree. The jungle will give you any kind of trees but it is recommended to climb large oak, tall spruce trees. You will just have to make a pillar up to the top of tree and stay there. Spawners will not detect you if it is large enough but if they do you may just move to the other side. If the leaf canopy is big you can actually dig to it. Also you can try jumping to the next tree if the mobs see you. Be careful out there though. Chop down the tree when the night is over and you will be back into the surface.

Four Walls

Another way to safety at night is by making four three block high walls out of everything you have. It may be composed of wood planks, dirt or cobblestone which is more reliable. Add a roof to this to keep spiders away. Spiders can climb the walls but they will not fit in the holes. You can even use the furnace and crafting table as part of the wall. Remember to keep extra blocks in your inventory because an enderman might steal a block in your wall. In this case, wait for the enderman to wander just a bit far away then replace with another block, be careful not to let your cursor cross the enderman. You just have to blast through the wall when daylight comes in.


Sometimes when you are wondering around in Minecraft you will find an opening to a cave system. Sometimes this cave system is large while others are pretty small. This pretty small cave system is ideal for your shelter early in the game and sometimes it is so great that it will be your shelter for the rest of the game. You will need to block off the entrance of the cave system if it is small and if it is large then you may need to block of the extra opening or exit. The natural walls will protect you from the monsters but don’t be scared if you can hear them because they can’t get through it. Dirt blocks or cobblestone will do in blocking the opening and exit of the cave. Craft fences and fence gate if you have enough wood. Fences should be put at the upper lip of the cave to disable the monsters from dropping in. Fencing is just one of the fortifications you can do in Minecraft. You will learn so much more lately in the game.

During the night, you can actually dig into the walls of the cave to get some valuable blocks however you should keep some blocks handy to cover up an opening if it will take you to another cave while digging. The quickslot bar is what you should know to easily navigate between items you are carrying. Try putting dirt right next to the pickaxe to easily close in openings which may have mobs on it.

To sea and beyond

If you don’t have the resources to make what is above and there is an ocean nearby, then this is what you need to do. Make a boat and go to a direction where you cannot see land. Stop when you cannot see land at all. If you still don’t have enough resources to make a wood, then swim to the ocean and keep pressing the space bar to keep afloat. This is not pretty way to survive the night at all because in these ways you cannot craft or make something done.

Fastest Way

If you are very desperate then you can try this fastest way to safety. Just dig into the ground for 3 blocks deep and put a cobblestone block above you, and that’s it. You now have your emergency shelter. To check if it is day already then you may not whack the block above you, instead you may use the real-world time. Approximately it will take around 10 minutes for night time to pass.  You can dig around your tiny shelter to place your furnace and crafting table. Oh, by the way, you will definitely need a torch to light up your tiny home.

Cheater’s way

The cheater way to survive the night is making a way through the Options of the game. Pause the game and go to the Options menu and change the difficulty to peaceful. In this way mobs will not spawn and definitely is a cheat. If your game will allow cheats, you can type /gamemode 1. The game will be in Creative mode so there will be no spawners around.


If all goes well, during this time you should probably have a shelter with wood, crafting table, furnace, sword, raw food and at least a torch. Bed is also a must need. Sleep through the night and eat first at morning, do not forget to cook it.


Limit unnecessary jumping and sprinting in the shelter to conserve your hunger. Cook food by using charcoal or coal. If you don’t have charcoal yet, then you may use planks. Charcoal is the most efficient in cooking food so conserve as much of it but at first as you are just experimenting don’t feel sorry if you use one lump of charcoal in cooking 6 items only. If you have what was mentioned above and still have a couple of logs or 8 planks available, then you are ripe to craft a chest. This isn’t a necessity right early in the game but it will be handy later in the game. The chest enables you to save the items you don’t want in your inventory. The chest will be intact even if you die so the hard part of finding some dropped items is eliminated.


Leave only your shelter when the sun is fully out. Monsters at this time may come out of darkness and will try to kill you. Skeletons are zombies may get out of their hiding area and attack you even if they are burning. Beware that touching a burning zombie will also burn you so you have to get into the water as fast as possible. Spiders will be peaceful in this time and you may kill them and collect their string. The best strategy when you see a mob at this time is to stay away from them around 16 blocks. Skeleton archers may still target you so stay away from them also.

The problem lies when the night is over but it is not sunny. Zombies, skeletons, spiders may lurk much longer this time. You may try to kill the zombies if you have a sword or you may get back to your shelter and wait for the sun. Zombies attract other zombies. So if it happens that you see one, it is recommended to stay away from it than engaging it because when you try to fight it will attract other zombies so a horde of zombies will be your problem now instead of one. Skeleton arrows are difficult to evade and the closer you are to them the faster they will be that you will die in three seconds. Have a bow first before engaging them.

Congratulations! You now have made it through the night. The sun is shining in your second day. Now is the time to gather some needed resources to build a better shelter, better weapons and better defense for the night crawlers.