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Minecraft Snapshot 18w08a

This week’s snapshot is mostly to help prepare for a really cool snapshot coming your way soon. That’s right – it’s a snapshot snapshot!

Minecraft Snapshot 18w07a

A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot

Minecraft Snapshot 18w05a

A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot

We just moved into a new office this week, so we don’t have very much to show you in a new snapshot. That said, have a new snapshot anyway! It has some bug fixes so that’s always fun.

New Nintendo 3DS Edition Updated!

Update now for ocean monuments, boss mobs and beacons!

Released version of Minecraft for Nintendo’s dinky dual-screened wonder-machine last year and we’ve continued working on additions to it ever since. Today we’re releasing an update that introduces loads more Minecrafty goodness!

Minecraft Java 1.13 News

Java Edition Technically Updated

They are going to hold back the official launch of 1.13 and merge that release with all the features we’d planned for the Update Aquatic. But, in a weird twist, this delay means you’ll actually get to play with cool Aquatic features earlier. Let me explain!