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Minecraft Snapshot 18w03b

This weeks snapshot brings some performance boosts for data pack loading & command execution.

Minecraft shaders: best Minecraft graphics mods

Minecraft shaders. What is a Minecraft shader? Why is it? And for how long? Well, Minecraft has a lot of things in its favour: infinite replayability, massively varied gameplay and a constantly changing and improving online game. Where Minecraft falters in comparison to other modern games is its graphics. Fortunately, as with everything in Minecraft, the graphical fidelity can be tweaked to incredible effect with the help of mods called shaders.

Minecraft Snapshot 18w02a

A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot for 1.13

1.13 is getting closer and closer! This weeks snapshot brings some new improvements to the /execute command and a bunch of bug fixes!

The Update Aquatic

The first interesting major Minecraft update you’ll see in 2018 will be the Update Aquatic.

Minecraft Snapshot 18w01a

A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot for 1.13

Did you know that it’s no longer 2016? Crazy, huh!