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A New Mob Approaching

Turtles are paddling into Minecraft!

It’s the season for giving and Minecraft hope each and every one of you is enjoying a fun festive holiday with family and friends – who, more importantly, got you some great stuff! Oh, you just got coal? Again? For the tenth year in a row? Huh. Sorry to hear that.

8 Minecraft Haunted Houses and Spooky Towns

In a game like Minecraft, you honestly never know what you’re going to get. The community is filled with creatives who know a thing or two about building in a game created from blocks, they have all the building blocks they could ever need to make some amazing structures.

Understanding Minecrafts Console Commands

If you play the PC version of Minecraft, you might not realise that the console is not just for talking. you can also use it to input all kinds of cool commands that can change your game.

How to beat every mob

You’ll encounter loads of different enemies in a game Minecraft, so knowing how to beat them all is essential. To help you out, we’ve explained the best way to kill every type of mob!

Microsoft is using Minecraft to train AI and wants you to help out

Computer scientists at Microsoft have developed a new artificial intelligence platform atop the hugely popular video game Minecraft. Dubbed AIX, the platform hooks into Minecraft and allows the AI to take control of a character and learn from its actions. It’s early days for the project; so far, the scientists have been hard at work getting the the AI to learn to climb a hill.