Minecraft Snapshot 18w07a

A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot

Changes in 18w07a
Added Phantoms (MineCon voted mob!)
Added Turtles
Added new swimming ability (sprint underwater!)
Added bubble columns
Added ability to strip logs
Added new trident weapon
Squids now shoot ink to defend themselves
Added new kelp and sea grass blocks
Items in water now float to the top
Added new prismarine stairs and slabs
You look tired. When’s the last time you got a decent night’s rest? Bad things happen to those who don’t sleep… they start to hallucinate, and see what’s really there.

Spawns in the overworld and the end
Attacks players who haven’t slept in a while
Drops leather, but this may change
The turtle moves.

Spawns on warm beaches, but this is temporary
Will lay eggs in their home beach
You can craft pieces of their old shell into one big shellAnd wear it on your head!
Or craft it into a potion!
Turtles are known for their strength, not their speed
Please be kind to turtles. They hold up the world.
Kelp and Seagrass
The green in the blue!

Seagrass generates in all oceans, but this is temporary
Kelp doesn’t generate in deep oceans, but this is temporary
Kelp can be smelted to get dry kelpA tasty snack for the ocean adventurer!
Or a convenient way to fuel more smelting
Or just store it away into a dried kelp block
Bubble columns
Blub blub blub blub.

Doesn’t generate anywhere currently
Occurs when a magma block is in water
Watch out, you’ll get sucked under!
A good way to breath without cheating game mechanics 😉
Stripped logs
Go ahead, axe us a question.

You can strip logs by using an axe on them (right-click)
Stripped logs act like regular logs in furnaces, crafting, etc
They look neat!
Some say that throwing your only weapon away is a bad idea. We disagree.

Right click to throw the trident
Left click to melee
Currently unobtainable in survival, that will change
Super overpowered, we’ll balance them later
Has 4 available enchantmentsLoyalty: Your trident will come back to you. Spoil-sport.
Impaling: Very useful against creatures of the sea.
Riptide: Gotta go fast.
Channeling: We’re not sure. It’s pretty spooky.
UI icon is not yet implemented
Fixed bugs
MC-11208 – The big tree generator handles tree height variable incorrectly
MC-124890 – Can’t insert charcoal into furnace
MC-124897 – “Balloon oak” tree variant generates upside down, with often only stumps visible on the surface
MC-124902 – Furnace recipes work in crafting interfaces and interfere with crafting recipes
MC-124903 – Random crash in snow biomes: java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception ticking world
MC-124913 – Horses, rabbit, parrot, llamas and sheep generate with default color / variant only
MC-124916 – Chorus plant generation broken
MC-124930 – The game crashes when pressing “show craftable” in the furnace recipe book.
MC-124952 – Large oak trees fail to generate in all biomes with the new generator
MC-125016 – Debug world does not generate
MC-125047 – World generator not fully cleaned before making new world
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