The Update Aquatic

The first interesting major Minecraft update you’ll see in 2018 will be the Update Aquatic.This update will overhaul the long-neglected underwater areas of the game, which haven’t seen much love since ocean monuments were added!
Included in the update are new blocks/items like coral and kelp, more types of fish to catch, and a completely new mob: the dolphin! Underwater physics are being completely reworked to make movement and exploration easier, and there’ll also be underwater shipwrecks (no doubt with treasure to spare!) to find and explore.

In addition, there’s a new underwater weapon: the trident, which can be thrown or used in melee combat underwater. A pair of new enchantments, Loyalty and Slipstream, are also being added for the new weapon, and while we know the first will make the trident return to you automatically, no-one is saying what the second one will do!

The Update Aquatic will add new features to both the Java and Bedrock Editions, and while other out-of-date versions may get the update too, the best way to make sure you see it is to play one of those editions rather than a Legacy Console or Legacy Pocket Edition. We can’t say exactly when this update is due, but it will be early in the year.